Advanced training in transactional analysis

Basic training (consulting-leading-coaching)

Transactional analysis basic training – consulting-leading-coaching

With the basic training Counseling-Leading-Coaching you can build on the 101 course and at the same time lay the foundation to earn a degree as a TA-Counselor:in or TA-Coach.

The advanced training teaches self-control and methodological skills with selected transactional analytic models and models of organizational development. Concepts are taught, tried out and applied to your own work. Each module has an overall theme (see below for an overview). The topics of the modules are constantly evolving and are adapted to the group in a situational and process-oriented way. It is designed as a spiral curriculum and is scheduled for three years. That is, all topics repeat after three years. Thus, entry is possible at any time, provided that a place is available.

Another important component is working on one’s own concerns from practice in supervision (with the instructor), intervision (with peers) or casework (consulting setting with the group). In intervision sessions you can gain experience in counseling and coaching and develop as an intervisor:in their transactional analytic counseling style.

Are you interested? Then arrange a non-binding preliminary meeting. Prerequisite for entry is the attendance of a 101 course . If you have already done this at another institute and would like to get to know me first, you can first book a trial module before committing to a year (5 consecutive modules) at a reduced price.

Overview of the topics of the modules

One year of training is allocated to each area to which there are five module topics. So every three years, the themes repeat.

Training year: focus on people

  1. One’s own attitude – basic thoughts about TA, coaching, leadership and management. What does ok/ok mean? And how do I get there?
  2. Ensuring own quality – negotiating contracts as a design tool and own quality assurance
  3. Self-control and control of communication – Experimenting with ego states
  4. Self-motivation and motivation of others – Strokes as a control instrument in processes
  5. Importance of roles – analysis of conflict potential and clarity in action

Training year: focus on coaching and leadership

  1. Recognizing and managing dysfunctional patterns – games, drama and winners triangle
  2. Internal and external signs of dysfunctionality -devaluation, symbiosis and passivity.
  3. Working with emotions – rackets, racket system, emotions and sensations
  4. Script autonomy concepts, script matrix, drivers, inculcations.
  5. Freeing up resources – stroke economy, stroke filter, turbidity

Training year: focus on development

  1. How do you manage processes to initiate change? Analysis, hypotheses, contract
  2. Planning of consulting and coaching processes.
  3. Promoting Autonomy – Ethical Considerations for Dealing with Dilemma Situations.
  4. In which phases do people change? – Steer appropriately through phases of change
  5. Evaluation of change processes – Tools

TA-Counselor:in – TA-Coach Degree

The requirements for a TA-Consultant:in or TA-Coach degree are defined in the National Addendum of the EATA Handbook. This includes, among other things, 50 hours of self-awareness that you must complete in addition to the three years of continuing education. I am happy to recommend colleagues from the field of counseling or psychotherapy.


Script seminars with Almut Schmale-Riedel

Dates in Berlin: April 14-16, 2023 registration and September 22-24, 2023 registration (4 seats each).

Body image constellation with Amrei Stürmer-Schuppner

Illuminating the colors of life with Gerlinde Ziemendorff and Dörthe Verres



All upcoming courses Basic Training Leading-Counseling-Coaching:

No events at the moment

Introductory course (101)

Here you will get an overview of basic concepts of TA and experience the impact of TA directly. Online or on site.

Basic training

The basic training consists of a three-year spiral curriculum of consulting-leading-coaching. It can be completed with the TA Coach or TA Consultant:in title – but it does not have to be.


Advanced training is based on the needs of the group. It can be completed with an EATA examination to become a transaction analyst.

Dates & Registration Introductory Course (101)
No events at the moment
Dates & Registration Basic Training
No events at the moment
Dates & Registration Masterclass
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Training courses, workshops and individual events

Further training to become an Agile Practitioner

In the training you will learn and apply the basic agile methods. You learn to anchor agility in your company.

Dates for further training to become an Agile Practitioner


No events at the moment

Advising-Leading-Coaching: Working with Drivers (online)

IndividualFoBi on self-control and methodological competence with transactional analysis. Acquire the models and work through your concerns in super/interviews.

Dates Seminar "Working with Drivers"


No events at the moment

Advising-Leading-Coaching: Stimulating Resources (online)

Stimulating the resources of your counterpart is an important factor for you as a coach, consultant or manager to be able to work with his full presence.

Dates seminar "Stimulate resources"


No events at the moment

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