Mediation training

DiversityMediation at work

Level one – Conflict management

DiversityMediation in the Profession
5 modules, a total of 80 hours of attendance, 12 hours of intervision, and 20 hours of self-study).

Goal: Conflict manager:in
In this first part, the basics from mediation, diversity management and appreciation are taught over 5 weekends.
– for communication, framework and attitude developed,
– for analysis models presented and applied
– for attitude, stereotypes and self-control are elaborated,
– mediated for negotiation
– for power, authority and structure deepened
You relate the core elements of mediation to your everyday work life.
Prerequisite is participation in the basic weekend “Introduction to Appreciative DiversityMediation”. The training objective is conflict manager:in.

The seminars of education and training start with the review of own practical experience and reading. The new teaching content will be conveyed in impulse lectures, then tested in exercises and role plays and applied to (co-)mediations. As we attach importance to accompanying self-study to deepen your knowledge, you will receive targeted assignments in theory and practice (specialist reading, working groups and (co-)mediation) between the modules.

Appointments for the intervision groups between the modules are arranged by the participants themselves.

Self-reflection is an indispensable basis for diversity-sensitive and appreciative conflict management. Therefore, we also attach importance to supervisions, which can be completed, for example, with Jule Endruweit or Susanne Gillmann.


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29.10.2021 – 30.10.2021, full day
Conflict management at work (Part 1)
intaqt, Berlin

10.12.2021 – 11.12.2021, full day
Conflict management at work (Part 1)
intaqt, Berlin

11.03.2022 – 12.03.2022, full day
Conflict management at work (Part 1)
intaqt, Berlin

20.05.2022 – 21.05.2022, full day
Conflict management at work (Part 1)
intaqt, Berlin


Conflict Management. An introduction

Conflict andDiversityMediation

The module provides an overview of the basics and helps to work on one’s own situation. The degree allows entry into level one – Conflict Management.

Dates & Registration Conflict Transformation. Introduction
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Stage one. Conflict Management

“DiversityMediation in the Profession.”

You relate core elements of mediation to your professional life. The goal of this training series is conflict management. Completion of this basic training allows entry into level two – mediation.

Dates & Registration DiversityMediation at work
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Stage two. Mediation

“DiversityMediation as a Profession.”

They set up mediation processes, taking into account the specifics of different contexts. The aim of this training series is certification in accordance with the ZMediaAusbV.

Dates & Registration DiversityMediation as a profession
No events at the moment

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