Advanced training "Scrum Master Advanced"

The next step on your learning journey as a servant leader

The Scrum Master Advanced Program

The Scrum Master Advanced Program

Who is the program for?

You can participate in the program if you have the PSM I, PSM II and PSM III certificate from an agile vendor and have already gained experience in at least one project.

What is the purpose of the program?

You want to develop as a Scrum Master and reflect on your approach.

What is the goal of the program?

We want to drive the HOW of Scrum. By the end of your learning journey, you’ll be a beacon for your Scrum team and add momentum to your organization’s Agile transformation.

How do we fill the program?

We value shared experiences and exchange within the group. We see our being and acting in the role of Scrum Master as a journey – taking a questioning approach and using mentoring and coaching.

Together with like-minded Scrum Masters you reflect on your role, your actions and your experiences and deepen your methodological knowledge with the help of experts. Through mutual coaching and accompanying mentoring, you will raise your profile and become more effective in your role.

Practical work gives you additional confidence – and that in the form of an iterative learning journey that embodies the Scrum principles themselves and makes them tangible.

24 (4 x 6 hours) learning units in presence are planned for this. We flank these with preparation and follow-up sessions on your questions, wishes and needs.

All contents

Block 1 Motivation and Inspiration
We benefit from a variety of experiences with familiar situations and enrich them with aspects of transactional analysis. How do I deal with team members who don’t seem to be self-organized. How do I motivate a team leader who doesn’t seem to be taking the lead? What can I do to ensure that no one feels “lost” with all the agility?


Block 2 Metrics
We will interpenetrate metrics and make our progress measurable in speed and as a working tool. This reveals the “real problems” and clarifies the empiricism of Scrum: where are the dangers and limits in its use (control, MicroManagement, misinterpretations, errors in the data…).


Block 3 effective stakeholder management
You strengthen the PO with proven and psychologically based methods on the topics:

  • Clarification of the needs and ideas of the customer
  • Build trust in your team
  • Agree the budget required for the iterations
  • Invite sales people to learn about products and engage them in the process.

Block 4 Purpose
In the looping forward, the team formulates the meaningfulness of its own actions. You can manage a process towards clarity and purpose within the team.

Additionally, mentoring is part of the Scrum Master Advanced program. In four sessions of 4 hours each we will discuss 1 to 1 (or in a group) your specific concerns and cases, reflect on your behavior and you will develop ideas and solutions for your specific tasks in the organization.

You will receive the certificate “Scrum Master Advanced” with the hours and contents at the end. Investment: 2.500 € plus the statutory VAT for the entire program incl. Learning sessions and four mentoring meetings.

Added value for the Scrum Master organization:

  • Strengthening of the Poduct Owner in contact with the stakeholders – improved quality and speed in the process.
  • The SCRUM Master serves as an open ear for the SCRUM team. He or she holds confidential discussions with team members and tries to remove as many obstacles as possible so that a pleasant working atmosphere prevails for everyone involved. This improves performance in the team and increases flexibility and openness in the process.
  • Better adherence to SCRUM rules strengthens the Scrum team as a whole as a unit and the focus on timeboxing provides structure and security. This creates an improved and faster result overall.


Dates: in each case 10.00 o’clock to 17.00 o’clock

  1. Module 02.03.2023
  2. Module 21.04.2023
  3. Module 02.06.2023
  4. Module 04.08.2023

Mentoring: 2:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. each day

  1. Date 06.10.2023
  2. Date 17.11.2023
  3. Date 26.01.2024
  4. Date 23.02.2024
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