Coaching & Supervision

“You can never solve a problem at the level at which it was created.” (Albert Einstein)

In coaching or supervision you will find time, space, confidentiality and the support to reflect on your situation from the level above the problem.

We work in Berlin, throughout Germany and internationally.

Coaching & Supervision

in Berlin, Germany and internationally

One-on-one coaching/supervision

Do you have a request? If it’s unclear, we’ll figure it out together. It’s about clarifying your goals and achieving them permanently and sustainably.

That’s why we take a process-oriented, phased approach:
1. goal clarification
Your personal goals are worked out and clarified.

2. framework planning
The format is set. (e.g. for coaching dealing with personal recurring conflicts we suggest a rhythm of several weeks with 1-1.5 hours each. For coaching that is about leadership style analysis and personal training of leadership elements, we would suggest fewer and longer appointments).


3. execution
Coaching appointments take place by appointment. Each session begins with goal setting and ends with evaluation. In doing so, the coach selects coaching tools, methods and interventions that fit precisely – oriented to your concerns – and uses them in a resource-oriented way. In doing so, we draw on our wealth of experience in interventions from systemic counseling, transactional analysis, mediation and our many years of experience as coaches and consultants.

4. conclusion
The coaching is terminated. They evaluate the overall coaching and continue to work out how to deal with the results.
If business coaching is involved, the executive may be included in clarifying the overall goals.
The duration of a coaching session can range from one session to an accompanying process.

Visible Systemic Group Supervision (online or analog)

Visible Systemically guided reflection on own and colleagues’ practical cases or current issues.

Are you an executive, manager, human resources manager, trainer, consultant or coach who wants to reflect on and further develop your professional practice?

Then we invite you quarterly to interdisciplinary supervision – you reflect on your own and colleagues’ practical cases, or current issues, visibly systemically guided by us. In this way, you can sharpen your (leadership) skills in an interdisciplinary manner.


Why supervision?

  • Because this form of reflection has proven to develop and enhance personal-professional competence.
  • Because you develop new perspectives, concepts and intervention options on the concrete case and check them for possible effects or risks.
  • Because you get to know and appreciate yourself and each other through collegial and interdisciplinary exchange. This creates a secure basis; perhaps even for further networking.

On what theoretical basis?
We work visibly systemic and use concepts of diversity management, mediation and transactional analysis pragmatically.
At all times we are ready to name the specific origin or context of our methods and approaches.

How does it work?
At the beginning of each meeting, the basic contract is renewed: to maintain confidentiality, then to collect the situations.
Depending on the question, you and we illuminate the organizational and/or the individual perspective. This allows you to adequately consider the influence of organizational structures and organizational cultures when searching for options for action.
The concepts used for diagnosis/intervention planning are explained and can be experienced concretely in practical examples. This means that they will also be available in future practical situations. This way, all participants can benefit from the input at the same time.

On what terms?
Maximum 6 people, 4 times a year, 4 hours, per zoom, Thurs., 2 – 6 p.m. ME(S)Z Berlin
One-time participation: 250 Euro, registration until 7 days before the event
Package price: Four of 5 consecutive dates 800 euros, cancellation up to 7 days before the date

Dates (2206 – 2305)
analog format: June 17, ’22; 2 Sept. ’22; Dec. 2 ’22; March 3, ’23; May 5, ’23
Online format: June 23, ’22; Sept. 22. ’22; Dec. 8. ’22; Mar. ’23, May 11, ’23

Dates & Registration Supervision online or analog
19.07.2024, 13:00 - 17:00
Präsenz – Supervision
intaqt, Berlin ( Book your seat here )
06.09.2024, 13:00 - 17:00
Präsenz – Supervision
intaqt, Berlin ( Book your seat here )
06.12.2024, 13:00 - 17:00
Präsenz – Supervision
intaqt, Berlin ( Book your seat here )
13.12.2024, 9:00 - 17:00
intaqt, Berlin ( Book your seat here )

Visible Systemic Coaching and Supervision

What is the difference between coaching and supervision?

The terms coaching and supervision are used in different contexts for similar formats. We encounter the term coaching mainly in the field of business and service organizations and supervision rather in areas where it is the profession to take care of people (school, kindergarten, care …).


It is possible to do individual sessions: Individual supervision, individual coaching. This can take place in a 1:1 setting or in front of a group. Group coaching or group supervision means that topics of a group are worked on together and no individual single topics are worked on.

We would be happy to discuss with you under which name and in which form coaching/supervision can be helpful for you or your organization. Get in touch!

What do you get out of coaching/supervision?

Opportunities to professionalize:

  • Develop individual leadership and action capabilities
  • Strengthening of self and role competence
  • (Further) development of authenticity

Support to overcome challenging situations.

  • new patterns of action and thinking
  • Access to own resources

Starting points to change personal patterns.

  • Be aware of your own strengths
  • Face own limitations and develop alternatives

When is coaching/supervision suitable?

  • Situations of professional or private upheaval:
    So that you can master the situation in an active and targeted manner
  • Advancement to a leadership position:
    So that you can act from the outset roles clearly
  • Accompanying professionalization on the job:
    So that job-related development becomes possible
  • Situations they find challenging:
    So that you can master the situation in an active and targeted manner

Our basic assumptions about coaching/supervision

  • It is all about you and your concern(s). You decide what you want to change or not.
  • The solution to their concern lies within you or your group. Questions, exercises, models, constellations and pictures help to find your own answer. Only if the solution suits you and your system can it be sustainable.
  • The solution must think about and include the system or context with its customs, mechanisms and values. Your and the coach’s experience in this system are relevant in the elaboration.

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