Conflict management and mediation

Mediation supplements conventional forms of conflict resolution with a particularly effective procedure that helps the parties to the dispute to resolve or avoid conflicts on their own responsibility and in a mutually beneficial manner.
Training location: Berlin

Introduction: Conflict Management

Conflict and "DiversityMediation

The module provides an overview of the basics and helps to work on one's own situation. The degree allows entry into the specialization - Conflict Management.

Dates & Registration Conflict Transformation. Introduction

31.08.2024 - 01.09.2024, all-day
Konfliktbearbeitung. Eine Einführung
intaqt, Berlin ( Book your seat here )
02.11.2024 - 03.11.2024, all-day
Konfliktbearbeitung. Eine Einführung
intaqt, Berlin ( Book your seat here )

Deepening: Conflict Management

"DiversityMediation in the Profession."

You relate core elements of mediation to your professional life. The goal of this training series is conflict management. Completion of this basic training allows entry into the MasterClass - Mediation.

Dates & Registration DiversityMediation at work

13.07.2024 - 14.07.2024, all-day
Konfliktbearbeitung im Beruf (Teil 1.3)
intaqt, Berlin
28.09.2024 - 29.09.2024, all-day
Konfliktbearbeitung im Beruf (Teil 1.4)
intaqt, Berlin
23.11.2024 - 24.11.2024, all-day
Konfliktbearbeitung im Beruf (Teil 1.5)
intaqt, Berlin

MasterClass: Certification Mediator:in

"DiversityMediation as a Profession."

They set up mediation processes, taking into account the specifics of different contexts. The aim of this training series is certification in accordance with the ZMediaAusbV.

Dates & Registration DiversityMediation as a profession

06.07.2024 - 07.07.2024, all-day
Konfliktbearbeitung als Beruf (Teil 2)
intaqt, Berlin
07.09.2024 - 08.09.2024, all-day
Konfliktbearbeitung als Beruf (Teil 2)
intaqt, Berlin
09.11.2024 - 10.11.2024, all-day
Konfliktbearbeitung als Beruf (Teil 2)
intaqt, Berlin


What is mediation?

Mediation translates as “conciliation”. The term describes a process by which conflicts and disputes are resolved outside of court.

The parties to the conflict find an amicable settlement that is beneficial to them and shapes the near future. At the same time, the self-determination, esteem and dignity of those involved is preserved.


This elaborated regulation is recorded in an agreement.

Mediation at our company always includes the aspects of human diversity, balance of power and appreciation.

Is training or continuing education in mediation right for you?

You work as

  • prospective or already certified mediators
  • in a conflict-ridden professional field
  • in a leading, managerial or instructional position
  • Chair:r of an interest group
  • than for supervisor:in, coach, trainer:in or consultant:in

… and want to further develop and professionalize your role? If you are dealing with complex situations and decisions, education or training in mediation is appropriate. Here you learn and elaborate and reflect on methods and maps, and acquire inner security through benchmarks for evaluating your actions.

Interested? Click here for the introduction or recertification offer.

What do you get out of mediation training?

With an off. or further training in mediation …

… strengthen your personal professionalism and competence

… expand your professional field of action.


  • You develop an understanding of the dynamics in the conflict, so you can do the right thing in time.
  • You reflect on your contribution to the conflict, thus ending reflexive behavior and actively steering events in the future.
  • You work out the importance of difference and diversity for your conflicts and good solutions.
  • They develop a reflective approach to the spoken and unspoken distribution of power in their interactions.
  • They recognize different forms of appreciation and their importance for conflicts and solutions.
  • You gain new, practical experience.

How does the training and further education “DiversityMediation” work?

We offer you the possibility to book either single modules or one training level at a time. The “Conflict Management” and “Mediation” training levels are planned as classes over five and six modules, respectively. All modules offered are designed around your needs, experience and interests.


At the same time, they (over-)fulfill the requirements of the Certified Mediator Training Ordinance (ZMediaAusbV) in terms of content and form (cf. §2(3) ZmediatAusbV). Therefore, all offered modules are creditable for a certification or re-certification according to the ZmediatAusbV and are certified accordingly.
We would be happy to advise you on sensible options for your individual goals in a free initial consultation.

Interested? Click here for the introduction or recertification offer.

The certification training in numbers

Two years, 265 hrs total,
of which 192 in presence, if necessary also online,
27 hours of intervision group work,
45 hours self-study incl. Reading,
in addition min. 1 hr Supervision.

Private payer Private package Employer package
Introduction 290 € gross 500 € net
1st year 1.450 € gross 1.700 € gross 2.900 € net
2nd year 1.740 € gross 3.350 € gross 5.700 € net



You are already a certified mediator and want to maintain your certification in the long term?

The program meets the exact requirements for continuing education and supervision hours.

Dates & registration for re-certification
21.06.2024, 9:00 - 17:00
intaqt, Berlin ( Book your seat here )
13.12.2024, 9:00 - 17:00
intaqt, Berlin ( Book your seat here )

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