Developing your sustainable success is our goal, be it organizational, professional or personal.

We stand for this with clarity, fairness, sustainability and responsibility.

Our method is visibly systemic.

Method – Visible Systemic

If at all possible, we supervise or coach in pairs. Thus, we establish a second system in consulting. This is the form in which you will most clearly experience our “Visibly Systemic” approach.

Here, the second level of observation, reflection and processing is personalized throughout. In this way, parallel processes can be quickly identified. Their clarity gains depth of field. Responsibility is defined, dynamics can be dealt with fairly.


Clarity is method and is the goal of our work. To provide clarity and to be clear ourselves is our claim. That is why every assignment begins with a precise clarification of the assignment, analysis and definition of objectives. If role, process or other confusion arises during the process, our job is to provide clarity, e.g. by asking clarifying questions. Evaluations in between and at the end ensure that your goals are met.


Our claim is to deal fairly with our clients and customers. This means keeping agreements and negotiating a price that is appropriate for the organization. It means continuing to work together in a spirit of trust.

And if we think you need something we can’t offer, we may decline an assignment or recommend suitable colleagues.


Measures should be beneficial to the health of people, organizations and the environment, that is important to us. We believe that long-term success can only be secured in this way. Sustainability involves drawing attention to the potential of those involved so that you can discover resources to achieve your goals. This also includes working out realistic steps for implementing the results.


Taking responsibility means actively recognizing and using one’s own share of change. We consider clarifying, having and taking responsibility to be important developmental steps.

Hold us accountable by hiring us.




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