Continuing education as "Agile Practitioner"

You are an entrepreneur, executive or agile coach and want to anchor agility in your company?

Agile Practitioner – from the method to the mindset

Is the Agile Practitioner training suitable for you?

You are an entrepreneur, executive or agile coach and want or need to anchor agility in your company?

Are you or your company hoping for faster adaptation to change, quicker responses, and better customer centricity? And that’s why you’re introducing agility?

Do you always encounter difficulties during implementation and are you looking for individual solutions?

Then the certificate “Agile Practitioner” is suitable for you. With us you will learn to underpin the minimum of agility with attitude and methods of transactional analysis.

How does the continuing education work?

We take agile seriously and design the training as an agile project. You apply agile methods to your learning. This means that you work out your expectations for each module (sprint) using the sprint planning approach and document this in your backlog. During the training, you will develop a holocratic structure for your organization as an example of permanent adaptation to changes in the system. You use the Kanban board to check work progress and obstructions in the work flow. You finish with the certificate “Agile Practitioner”. For this, you present your growth in knowledge (increments) of the modules (sprints) and present your learning and self-awareness.

During the training you will receive supervision in order to develop yourself personally.

What do you get out of the training to become an Agile Practitioner?

Our certificate attests that you have intensively dealt with agile methods and your own mindset for one year – from the method to the mindset. For this you will learn:

  • Know and apply the basic agile methods.
  • to work on your attitude with the help of transactional analysis.
  • transfer the agile mindset into your work practice.
  • know transactional analytic methods, how to steer yourself in order to communicate at eye level in your respective role.
  • to think from the perspective of the respective customers.
  • Establish structures that are important for dealing with diversity, conflict and error culture.

Contents of the training to become an Agile Practitioner

Sprint 1 – 16 hours
– You learn about systemic thinking spaces, developing a sense of solutions from within the system (the organization, the team).
– You develop your own basic attitude in relation to your leadership concept and expand this basic attitude through the aspects of agility and systemics.


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Sprint 2 – 16 hours
– You reflect your role and show up clearly with your thoughts and ideas in the team.
– You will acquire systemic and transactional analytical tools to meet these different requirements.

Sprint 3 – 16 hours
– You develop ideas on how to use differences in people, diversity in culture, diversity of perceptions to come up with good solutions.
– In addition, you learn to perceive the work phases of the team and to build up psychological security in order to shape / influence the organizational culture from this.

Sprint 4 – 16 hours
– You remember and apply agile tools (Kanban, Designed Thinking, Business Model Canvas).
– You will discover your own thinking traps and inner limits.
– Through a change of perspective and exchange, you will see more solutions and try them out.

Sprint 5 – 16 hours
– You develop ideas on how to align your organization or team with their purpose. (learning organization)
– You learn to understand error culture as a symptom of success. Building on this understanding, you will learn steps to change a destructive error culture into a constructive one.

Sprint 6 – 16 hours
– You become familiar with the connection between conflicts and conflict rituals in the agile change process.
– You present your learning experience, present the collected increments of the sprints, receive your certificate and celebrate your successes with the others.

96 h, each module 16 h (Thu.- Fri.)

Self-organized peer group between modules.

The participation costs for employers and self-employed € 297.50 incl. VAT per month (total € 3,570 incl. VAT), for self-payers € 200 per month (total € 2,400 incl. VAT).

The training is recognized as educational leave in Berlin.


Dates & registration for the Agile Practitioner training course
16.05.2024 - 17.05.2024, all-day
Agile Practitioner Runde 2
intaqt, Berlin
25.07.2024 - 26.07.2024, all-day
Agile Practitioner Runde 2
intaqt, Berlin
26.09.2024 - 27.09.2024, all-day
Agile Practitioner Runde 2
intaqt, Berlin
28.11.2024 - 29.11.2024, all-day
Agile Practitioner Ende Runde 2
intaqt, Berlin

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