Peer TAlk Events

Who is the online Peer-TAlk for?

Peer-TAlk is an online format for all TA customers of intaqt. It lasts 1.5 hours, takes place 4 times a year and is free of charge.

A:n instructor:r of transactional analysis is available to answer questions on a topical issue or even curious questions about TA associations or other TA issues. All intaqt clients who have experienced transactional analysis or are interested in learning about it can attend.

Registration & Dates

What did you get from Peer TAlk?

  • You get to know different teachers with different focuses and perspectives.
  • You can finally get rid of your questions about certain topics.
  • You’ll hear how TA is handled differently in different fields (organizational, counseling, education, and psychotherapy).
  • You will meet colleagues from the TA trainings, people from the introductory course, former students or alumni of intaqt.
  • You will receive input on a specific pre-determined topic and documents for preparation. You can find this in the dates, where you can also register.

How does the Peer-TAlk work?

After a short introduction to the topic of the evening, the speaker will answer the questions of the participants, resulting in a TAlk. For preparation, materials from the respective instructors are provided if necessary and a framework topic is named. You will receive this after you have registered.

Contents of the Peer TAlks 2023

  • Shame and embarrassment with Hannes Schneider
  • Dealing with anger with Almut Schmale-Riedel
  • Belonging – a feeling and a basic human need with Anne Huschens
  • Emotions in the organization with Maya Bentele



Dates appear at the beginning of the new year 2023

Preview and Past Peer TAlks

Thu. 16.02.2023 - Hannes Schneider (TSTA-P and C)

Shame and embarrassment

Wed. 5/3/2023 - Almut Schmale-Riedel (TSTA-P & C)

Dealing with anger

Wed. 09/13/2013 - Anne Huschens (TSTA-E)

Belonging – a feeling and a basic human need

Tues. 11/28/2023 - Maya Bentele (TSTA-O and C)

Emotions in organizations

Thu. 10/20/22 - Norbert Nagel (TSTA-E) Emotional Competence.

How dealing with feelings can be learned and what it helps.

Wed. 03/30/22 - Bertine Kessel (TSTA-C)

How do I deal with power as a coach and consultant:in and as a leader in the organization?

Mon. 09.05.22 - Christoph Seidenfus (TSTA-O)

How can I accompany New Work with Transactional Analysis?

Wed. 7/13/22 - Ulrich Elbing (TSTA-P)

Shaping labor relations – learning from the Corona experience.