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“With the Visible Systemic Method, we have effectively and sustainably improved our collaboration in a very short time.”


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Health and health maintenance in the company have been with us since we started developing organizations. In essence, we follow the thinking of salutogenesis. We combine their Insights with the attitude, the approaches and methods of systemic Transactional Analysis, Mediation and Diversity Management.and translate and translate them into everyday business life.

Our offers for you

Our concrete offers are oriented in two directions:
1. support in maintaining individual health through coaching and supervision and through seminars on the topics of.
Self-management, burnout, time management, resilience, conflict, stress,
2. support in maintaining or creating health-conscious structures in the workplace, e.g. through workplace, e.g. through
structure and strategy of BGM, error culture, complaint and conflict management, diversity management

The topics manifest themselves, for example, in our long-standing cooperation with the occupational health service of TÜV Rheinland GmbH and Gesundheit Berlin/Brandenburg e.V.. We are also accredited in the Expert:innenpool MAB at the Berlin Senate for the implementation of results from employee:innen surveys on health protection. In these contexts, we work together with schools, school boards, public administration, public institutions, job centers and employment agencies, among others.



Conflict is our queen discipline. Whether before, during or after the conflict – as trained mediators and thanks to our many years of experience in conflict moderation, you will generally work out sustainable solutions with our visibly systemic mediation.


Concrete examples

Are you or your colleagues entangled?
Let the conflict partners develop good ways together in a protected setting with the help of mediation.

Are you looking for conflict prevention and manners for the post-conflict situation?

We accompany the development and introduction of

  • Error and complaint management,
  • Conflict Management
  • DiversityManagement
  • flank the introductions with seminars
  • and train conflict managers or mediators.


Your concern is that your team reinvents itself, changes sustainably? It should steer proven carefully and functionally after? In a confidential setting, the team can think and try out new things – whether it’s about work content or cooperation within the team. We support you in dealing with factual issues and in managing dynamics.

Our experience for you

We put our experience at your disposal on topics such as:

  • Clarification of work cuttings,
  • Development of content-related questions
  • Role-appropriate and functional design of structures,
  • Expectation management,
  • Commitment, responsibility and protection,
  • Hierarchy and power.


Leaders in organizations, and especially management or CEOs, have an outstanding importance for the company culture. How they are valued and their preferences impact many. We support you in establishing a fear-free and appreciative corporate culture.

Formats for reflection

To become aware of or assure your own preferences in these areas, we offer formats for reflecting on your attitude and, if necessary, training:

  • Leadership Seminars
  • Motivation and leadership
  • Enthusiasm Management
  • Lateral lead
  • Agile lead

Executive Coaching / Management Coaching
and Visible Systemic Supervision

TA training “Leading, guiding, coaching
Further training to become an Agile Practitioner

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management – with our support, you systematically develop the structure and skills of your employees. In the end, there is clarity about what knowledge, experience and information must be available in the right places at the right time.

Concrete examples
Concrete examples

The question touches e.g.

  • Succession situations, when employees change jobs, or when committees are newly elected.
  • The joint design of information flows in existing teams.
  • Communication and meeting structure.
  • the right prioritization, right time and right place.

Diversity Management

Diversity makes sense and also makes work. We support you in this work. Depending on your needs, we ask what functionality diversity should have, where you are at risk of disadvantages due to monoculture, or how you and your teams deal with presumptions. This allows you to work on the corporate culture and its management and personnel development, the team level or the level of individual employees.

Established formats

Established formats are

  • Diversity management in your company
  • Diversity Training
  • Diversity Workshops
  • Bullying and AntiDiscrimination Seminar
  • Culturally sensitive coaching


Departments are merged? Hierarchy is being dismantled? Old structure no longer brings new results?
The truism that development means change does not automatically work in the other direction: not every change carries the hoped-for effects by itself. To manage the change appropriately, we recommend external support.

Support for you

We support you with the following methods, for example:

  • Retreat moderation for strategy development
  • Moderation of company meetings
  • Moderation of steering groups or steering committees
  • Moderation of work phases in learning and experimentation rooms
  • Workshops of the executives
  • Conflict moderation
  • Introductory workshops


Communication is the basis and is the expression of cooperation. In addition to factual information, communication and its structure also reveal inner attitudes, values, the relationship status of the communication partners and expectations. With our offers, fed by transactional analysis, diversity management and mediation, we support you in communicating coherently.

Concrete examples

We offer customized services ranging from training and the further development of your company’s internal communication structure to individual training in transactional analysis or mediation.

Examples of seminar offerings:

  • Presentation and communication in the spotlight
  • Negotiation
  • Quick wit can be learned
  • Conduct counseling sessions

Strategy development

What for, where, what and how? In the balance between goal-orientation and process-orientation, we support you in strategic alignment and planning. Through a structured approach in a secure framework, you look (again) at the macro level of your business and develop images that integrate goal and path.

Our offers
  • Mission statement Development or follow-up
  • Moderation of strategy meetings
  • Moderated support of strategic planning
  • Workshop for structured strategy development

Do you have a specific request?

Visible Systemic Formats

Process support

Your concern is a small change or a big change?

We shape the change together with you. After one or more intensive initial meetings in which we work out the goals of the change with you. We then develop an appropriate process architecture to achieve the goals. Often this structure already maps the (communication) structure that is to be newly developed, so that you can already practice “the new” during the process.


It is possible to do individual sessions: Individual supervision, individual coaching. This can take place in a 1:1 setting or in front of a group. Group coaching or group supervision means that topics of a group are worked on together and no individual single topics are worked on.

We would be happy to discuss with you under which name and in which form coaching/supervision can be helpful for you or your organization. Get in touch!


Your concern is to come to one or more results with a group? Or …

We help you to work out your goals and concerns and accompany you and your team in the development of these.

Goal-oriented – Process-oriented and with the experience of psychological dynamics, diversity management and mediation.



Support to overcome challenging situations.

  • new patterns of action and thinking
  • Access to own resources

Starting points to change personal patterns.

  • Be aware of your own strengths
  • Face own limitations and develop alternatives


Your concern is to end a tangled (protracted) dispute?

To this end, we offer you either the clearly outlined procedure of mediation or conflict moderation – depending on the severity of the case. In a preliminary discussion, we clarify the modalities and limits of the procedure with you. After that, we work with the people concerned.

  • Accompanying professionalization on the job:
    So that job-related development becomes possible
  • Situations they find challenging:
    So that you can master the situation in an active and targeted manner


Your concern is to learn new methods or skills?

We offer training in all of the above fields and in mediation, transactional analysis and agility. Our approach is always to work on the appropriate attitude and mindset, so that the appropriate methods and skills can be effective in the long term.

  • The solution must think about and include the system or context with its customs, mechanisms and values. Your and the coach’s experience in this system are relevant in the elaboration.