Advanced training in Transactional Analysis

“Transactional analysis is a theory of personality and human relations offering systematic methods for personal growth and professional development ” (ITAA definition)

Introductory course (101)

The focus in this course is to get an overview of basic concepts of TA. You will experience the impact of TA directly – short and sweet. Either online or on-site.

Basic training

The basic training “consulting-leading-coaching” is a three year class. You attend 5 modules each year and you could join anytime. You commit yourself annually. At the end of the three years you could complete with a German TA-Coach or TA-Consultant degree or go on further for the European Degree Certified Transactional Analyst.


This masterclass is designed on the needs of the participants. You could aim for an EATA examination to become a certified transactional analyst (CTA). 

Dates & Registration Introductory Course (101)
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Dates & Registration Masterclass
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Training courses, workshops and individual events

Advanced training to become an Agile Practitioner

In the training you will learn and apply the basic agile methods. You get the knowledge to introduce and implement agility in your company.

Dates for further training to become an Agile Practitioner


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Consulting-Leading-Coaching: Working with Drivers (online)

Specific training on the TA-concept of drivers. You develop self-guidance and get methods expertise with Transactional Analysis. Explore the models and use supervision for your own professional development.

Dates Seminar "Working with Drivers"


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Consulting-Leading-Coaching: Stimulating Resources (online)

Stimulating the resources of your client is important for you as a coach, consultant or manager.  You get an overview of appropriate TA-concepts and practice how to use them empowering others

Dates seminar "Stimulate resources"


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Visible Systemic Transactional Analysis

What is Transactional Analysis?

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a psychological approach that supports people in creating healthy relationships – in both private and professional contexts. This will enable you developing your personality and enhancing your own inherent potential .

Crucial components of TA training are: effective, open communication; dealing with feelings; and an empowering relationship with your TA-Trainer. The aim is to develop autonomy in the sense of TA: spontaneity, awareness and intimicy. This is how you improve gradually shaping situations autonomously and further develop your personality.

With TA, you also learn:

  • to trace inner processes and life-historical developments.
  • describe and explain interpersonal communication.
  • Identify and process faults in or of systems.
  • to promote both individual growth and the growth of organizations.


Curious? Click here for the introductory course.

What do you get out of continuing education in transactional analysis?

With advanced training in transactional analysis …

– you acquire a degree recognized by the DGTA – if you wish.

– strengthen your personal professionalism and competence.

– expand your experience with TA methods and models. These can serve as maps for you to navigate complex communication or organizational situations.


– Develop an understanding of psychological processes – their own and those of their counterparts. This will enable you to remain capable of acting even in stressful professional and private situations and to shape situations successfully for yourself and others.

– you learn to analyze complex processes. This gives you the opportunity to plan in a targeted manner. By practicing reflecting on multiple levels, you can manage consulting processes and communication more effectively.

– develop your personality further. This gives you the prerequisite for shaping truthful encounters and successful relationships.

All modules are creditable towards a DGTA/EATA degree.

Is advanced training in transactional analysis right for you?

You work as

  • Executive, Project Manager:in or Scrum Master?
  • Or are you working in a leading position, e.g. teacher or trainer?
  • Human resources manager or person in charge of human resources?
  • Internal consultant, conflict manager, trainer or coach?
  • Chair:r of an interest group?
  • Freelance coach, supervisor, mediator, trainer or consultant?

…and want to develop and professionalize in their role? Also, if you are dealing with complex situations and decisions, continuing education in TA is appropriate. Here you learn and work with methods and maps and acquire inner security through benchmarks to evaluate their actions.

Interested? Click here for the 101 introductory course or basic training – Lead-Counsel-Coach.

How does a continuing education course in transactional analysis work?

Personality development is at the heart of continuing education, along with the acquisition of analytical and reflective skills. These are trained in the examination of transactional analytic concepts and the participants’ own trying out and reflection in the group. In each module, a topic is presented, tried out in exercises, applied to one’s own working environment and reflected upon. In addition, own concerns are worked on in supervision and intervision. In the process, you try out consulting and coaching yourself and get feedback. In self-organized peer groups, you will practice and develop further content between the modules.


We offer you the possibility to book a single module first. If you decide to stick with it, commit to a training group for one year. The modules of the basic training groups are planned as a spiral curriculum for three years each. This way, if there is a free seat, you can join at any time. The modules of the advanced training group (Masterclass) are aligned with the learning needs and interests of the participants. All modules offered are creditable toward a DGTA/EATA degree:

You will receive the 101 certificate in the introductory course, which provides an overview of essential transactional analysis concepts. This certificate is a prerequisite to begin training in transactional analysis.

Basic training usually lasts three years (which you book year by year). You have the option of graduating as a Transactional Analysis Consultant or Coach after the three years, but you do not have to. You can also attend the group simply for personal development or then move on to the Masterclass and pursue a degree as a Transactional Analyst:in.

Transactional Analysis Consultant can be acquired after approximately three years of attendance of a training group, as well as a written paper under certain conditions. Here more

Transactional Analytic Coach Can be earned after approximately three years of attending a training group, as well as a written paper under certain conditions. Here more

Transactional Analytic:r Mediator:in Can be earned after one year of TA Fundamentals course and two years of mediation training if you have met the requirements. Here more

Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) Can be earned after attending training groups for at least five years, completing a written paper, and passing an EATA oral examination. Here more

We would be happy to advise you on sensible options for your individual goals in a free initial consultation.