27.07.2017 - 29.07.2017

Technische Universität Berlin TU

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Strengthened Identities for Diversity in Business Life – Flexible Boundaries with Diversity and TA

How can diversity broaden the chance of interacting with different customers and help being more successful at the market? And how can persons in charge regulate the own boundaries?
Whom do we choose to get in contact to? Why? We seem to act irrational in personal contact and in choosing sparring partners. Culture and the own safety feeling (what we are used to) decide whom we trust. Moral (how it should be) and political attitude (what do I want to achieve) are also factors of decision.
In least cases we choose someone who adds the new, the unexpected to our system (what am I lacking) though it coud broaden the acceptance of customers. Unluckily our reflexes and irrational feelings are still the bases for professional decision-making as recruiting employees especially in small-scale- intrepreneurs. That leads to a monocultural system.
How is it possible, individually as well as in our organizational role, to open up our boundaries for the unexpected?